Here you will find suggestions for nice and interesting destinations. Information about other destinations will be added.

Gulating is in Eivindvik, a 40 min drive from Botnen Camping. Gulating was the largest free mens parliament in Norway from 900 to 1300 AD. The parliament was legislative, executive and judicial power, and the rule of a fifth of the Norwegian coast, as well as the valleys Hallingdal, Setesdal and Valdres. The Gulating law is the oldest written law in the Nordic region. In Eivindvik you can see  the Anglican cross from around 900 AD, which marks the place where Gulatinget first gathered. In Eivindvik you will also find «Herresalen» where Henrik Wergeland stayed in the home of the legendary vicar Nils Griis Alstrup Dahl and wrote the poem «Eivindvik». More information can be found here:

Solund is an island municipality in the Sognefjord. To get there from Botnen Camping, you travel by ferry from Rutledal to Krakhella in Solund. In Solund, you can take  the mailboat on island hopping, and even bring with you a bike. For more information, see:

Skjerjehamn is in the municipality of Gulen, approximately 1 hours drive from Botnen Camping. This is an old trading post,and a focal point for shipping traffic in Western Norway. The old countryside villa from 1891 has been restored, and contributes to the fact that the area has a great atmosphere in the inlet to the Sognefjord. At Skjerjehamn you can see the statue of King Olav V. For more information see :

Massnes Villmarksmuseum lies on the south side of Sognefjorden approximately 1 hours drive from Botnen Camping. Here one can experience animals from Norwegian fauna. You can find Massnes villmarksmuseum on the map by clicking and clicking here.